1 Feb 22

After a long interlude (1 semester in college!) I’m re-learning 3D modeling.

It’s a humbling process, to say the least, but each time I practice, I get a little better, and that’s encouraging. So my long-lost education might be speeding the process along.

I’m using the open-source app Blender, and I like it. I modeled a fairly intricate horse in the sculpting mode, then carefully abstracted it to get to the final model, which is pretty much exactly what I had envisioned! How rare and lovely when that happens! What a beautiful feeling.

The working title is a poem.

She is strong and runs
Touched nevermore by bridle
Nor hand of master

The next step is to assemble a paper model (not sure yet how I will strengthen it) and pour plaster inside to make a master for casting. My vision is to cast this piece in recycled glass, but I’ve never done glass casting, and it may take a while to figure out. I’m also researching sustainable firing methods. Any advice would be appreciated!

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