Fun with Print Collections

Hey babes, do you know about Print All Over Me? They will print your surface designs on a multitude of clothing items, accessories, and home decor. You can sell your pieces and buy other artists’ designs as well.  I’ve been having some fun designing colorful prints with a bright circus-y theme. I think we could all use a little more silliness in our everyday lives! Check ’em out and let me know what you think! Honk honk!

Cards arrived! – Addendum: rich black

Hey! I forgot to mention in this post that I used rich black for my business cards instead of C0 M0 Y0 K100 and I got fantastic results. (For those of you who are not design nerds, using only black when printing instead of mixing black with other colors often yields a washed-out dark grey).

Before I placed my order I did some digging and I found a post about using rich black with Moo. The Moo admin suggested using HP’s recommended rich black which is C40 M40 Y30 K100. I used it and it is dark and beautiful, and my cards are not even coated.

The photo further illustrates the difference between rich black and black only. Just FYI for anyone trying to print solid black with Moo! Hope this helps.



Cards arrived!

Yay! My order of new business cards from Moo arrived today! I was confused in this post when I said they would be here last Friday. Due to my curmudgeonly views on shipping costs, the cards were supposed to take two weeks to arrive but they ended up only taking a week and a half, so that was a nice surprise! Opening the packaging was an experience, as I believe it was intended. The cards arrived in this lovely magnetic storage box.

Isn’t that nice? Don’t you want to open that box? Here’s what the inside looked like.

Those are the edges of my extra-thick luxe cards. So as not to go into debt, I ordered the mini size. I like the size and wanted to keep the cards very minimal anyway.

Here are what said cards actually look like.

Like I said, very minimal—but perfect to hand out and I can write my number or other info quickly if I want someone to have it. I also ordered a handy dandy carrying case.

The case itself is lovely, but only holds 7 of the extra-thick cards. An oversight on my part. Also, I am a weenie about putting a key ring through anything a quarter inch thick (don’t want to!) That said, the case will keep my cards nice while they’re floating around in my purse and I don’t regret the investment.

So my final thoughts are that I’m very pleased with my cards and will reorder when I give all of these away. Moo is pricer than the competition and some of that cost goes into their fancy presentation, so I would recommend buying more than 100 cards at a time to spread that cost out. If you want a standard size business card on regular weight paper, go with another company. I’ve had good luck with However if, like me, you are attracted to Moo’s specialty sizes and treatments, go for it! The mini cards are affordable, especially in the normal weight and the company is a delight to work with. They also let you print multiple images on your cards.

Now for a bit of shameless promotion: Click this link to receive 15$ off your first order from Moo, and I will get 15$ off too! Nice!

Disclaimer: I am sharing my experience with because I want to! They are not compensating me beyond the referral program mentioned above, which is available to everyone.

Thanks for reading!


Acne Might Be Good for Our Skin — Man Repeller

I thought this was a faux headline when it showed up in my inbox—an Onion-esque prank—but could it be true? Could acne actually have a silver lining? Dare to hope, friends! It may be so. 😮

If you have acne (I have acne), then I have the coolest science news since that one report told us our laziness is a sign of intelligence. Acne could prevent wrinkles. Kind of. Leave your pimples alone and pay attention: According to a study out this week by King’s College London, “[Scientists] have found that people who…

via Acne Might Be Good for Our Skin — Man Repeller

A New Leaf

I’ve decided to start the blog over fresh, as I am wont to do. Turning over a new leaf, if you will, albeit a digital one. I didn’t post for a very long time and the old posts just seemed, well old. Here’s what I’ve been up to…

My career is complicated. Primarily, my income is from graphic and product design I do for a local craft company. It’s interesting work and I enjoy it.

That’s a part-time gig, so… I’m designing a number of knit/crochet patterns as well. If you complimented my friend Juliana on her granny square vest and she referred you to my site, thanks so much for your interest and please bear with me! I promise I am getting the pattern ready to publish! 😉

According to her (and she is a savvy lady, mind you), people are inquiring left and right so at her insistence I just ordered new business cards. The graphic-design geek in me is pretty excited about those. It’s my first experience with Moo and I will post pictures when they come on Friday.

If you read this, thanks! I’m not exactly sure what I’ll be writing about in the future, if anything, but I do appreciate you. Hopefully it won’t be all about me (how boring!) but at the keyboard the fingers tend to do what they do and well, we shall see…